rich + rooted PASSOVER

Every Easter i wish deep in my heart that i could teach my children the significance of this amazing season.

Granted our children are only 5 and 3yrs old but i i knew there was a way out there to reach even their little hearts with the deep and meaningful truth of what this sacrificial season is all about. I didn’t want to go on reading a little easter book  every year and then try to explain that easter was not about the vast array or tantalising and tempting bunnies, candy coated eggs, filled eggs, and eggs of every kind on the shelves for months in advance nor was it about the hot cross buns…

“Easter is never deserved.”
― Jan Karon

And then yesterday God heard my heart and led me to see this AMAZING resource called rich + rooted PASSOVER, it is  written by a beautiful mom that wanted to bless families with a 40 day experience that takes families from Ash Wednesday all the way to Easter in a way that transforms our heart response to this season.

Yes it has landed in my way right on time but i wish i had known sooner…

But the author assures that it is never to late to start, you can use any of the study lessons at any time in any order if you wish because each study is bringing home a beautiful truth about what Jesus did for us.

There are lovely recipes, beautiful hymns, copy work, little symbols and more that make this wonderful book a true and beautiful gift for you home, for you family and for your life.

A tradition that is worth starting and worth pursuing.

“Tradition is not the worship of ashes, but the preservation of fire.”
― Gustav Mahler


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