The BEST Map Book EVER!

So if you have not laid eyes on Aleksandra Mizielinska’s MAPS you are surely missing out.

This book is pure eye candy and even as an adult i can sit and pour over it for hours, everything from the beautiful texture of the paper to the endless illustrations that transport us to the country we are pouring over.

My kids love looking at it and discovering new and interesting facts about the world, it is intriguing and it begs questions and for that i LOVE IT!

We got ours on for $32.24 AUD and all books from here even if you but just one have FREE postage!

Below are some Pictures of what to expect from this stunning keepsake!

Then i saw the activity book that goes along with it and i couldn’t go past it either. I Love what they have put in here to reinforce the love of the world, and to engage the little brains into remembering all the amazing knowledge they have learnt as well as creating their own country etc, it is beautiful! My kids are 5 and 3yrs old so i am holding onto this little beauty till they are a little older because i want them to really engage with it and i don’t want it messed up EEEEEK hahaha yes something I’m working on. Below are a few of the examples of what you can finding this MAPS Activity book.

These books would make AMAZING gifts so keep them in mind when you get stuck.

Last but not least here is a size comparison between MAPS and the Activity book purely because i would have LOVED to know this before i purchased, i would have bought it anyway but i would have loved to know because i was thinking they were both the same size and was a tad disappointed to see that the activity book was quite a bit smaller, still AMAZING but smaller.


Let me know if you enjoy the book reviews ill be sure to have many more if you do, i love hearing from you all!


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  1. Valerie says:

    Ooh, I just love maps! Especially ones with lovely illustrations for children. ^_^

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    1. Yea I know right so so cool! Have you got this one or heard of it before?

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      1. Valerie says:

        No, I haven’t seen that one until now. 🙂 After reading your post, it inspired me when we went to the library next to look at atlases and I found a great one to look at with my five year old.

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      2. There are some amazing ones out there hey so special!


  2. It’s so brilliant when you find quality books and I just LOOOOOOOVE BOOKS!


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