Family Adventures

We ABSOLUTELY LOVE spending time outdoors, our boys thrive on it and I really want to encourage you to try and get out into Gods big beautiful world and just soak up the peace, the silence and the wonder that is out there.

And yes we cant always be everything, i understand that, but this quote is just perfect because it speaks of doing what we can when we can in order to give our children what they need to grow and thrive;

“No parent/home/child/teacher/school has an all-round 100 percent wholeness. We all have limitations and problems. But I must never think it is all or nothing.
Perhaps I’d like to live in the country, but I don’t. Well, maybe I can get the family to a park two times a week, and out to the country once every two weeks.
Maybe I have to send my child to a not-so-good school. Well, maybe we can read one or two good books together aloud. If you can’t give them everything, give them something.”
― Susan Schaeffer Macaulay, For the Children’s Sake

This is our all time favourite place at the moment, what is yours?

Have a BLESSED Weekend everyone, and remember to leave comments because i love to hear from you.


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