Cow Colours

Today we worked on our cow for our rich + rooted Passover lead up to Easter, this symbolizes the plagues that God sent on Pharaoh, and I just love what we came up with together.

Jordan wanted to paint the sky orange and red because I told him it was sad times where God was sending plagues on Egypt because Pharaoh would not let Gods people go, so he said that orange is a color of the sky when it’s sad and the red is the blood, then the grass is brown and dead from the death and the cow is all Colours simply because he wanted a colourful cow (to me the colorful cow symbolizes the fact that the cattle and livestock were innocent and pure and full of spark and died only because of Pharaoh’s disobedience, not anything they had done…)

In the chaos that a day can hold, stopping to create a symbolic representation of a very traumatic time long ago was so grounding and beautiful and every experience with this book is just food for our souls, if you don’t have it snap it up, it really recreates the truth of Easter in a beautiful real way…

“Education will teach you ephemeral things. God will teach you wonders.”
― Michael Bassey Johnson



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  1. Valerie says:

    Spending time on learning and reflecting on Him is ALWAYS a good thing!! ❤


    1. so so good and i need to do that way more often, i seriously need to just relax and rest and not fuss about all day…

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