CHEAP Sandpaper Letters 

If ever there was a time that you coveted those gorgeous sandpaper letters and thought “awwwwww I wish u could afford those!”, then this is the post for you!

I had been doing that for about a year and every time I thought of pressing the “but now” button my conscience would come alive and I just couldn’t justify the price.

So anyway here is a super simple and super awesome way to do these on the SUPER BUDGET, that I found while searching Pinterest one night for the umpteenth time for DIY sandpaper letters.

Supplies needed:

Some tough cardstock, clear glue, sandpit sand, a baking tray or flattish container (and glitter if you want, totally not necessary and if I did it again I would leave it out).

So first cut your card to the size you would like the letters (tip- I would have cut my cardboard in a more rectangle shape so I could put the letter on one side,  and then leave a good size bit free for the little ones to hold onto while tracing with the other finger…)

Then trace your letters in pencil on all your card. Then one at a time go through this process.

Trace the letter with your glue:

Then pour your sand into the glue (tip- do not squish the sand in with your finger in the hope more will stick NOOOOO you will end up with a funky letter, believe me, I tried it! Just like that sand into it thickly).

Wait a minute or two, more like one really hahaha and then shake it off and set aside to dry, WHAAAAAAT THAT EASY?!!! Yep Indeedy that’s what I thought too…

And once they have fully dried, I would say 24hrs depending on the weather (if it’s damp and cold it could take longer) then you are all done and you end up with a beautiful sandpaper letter like this.

Enjoy and let me know what you think if you try them, THANKS AGAIN PINTEREST.

Thanks for stopping by lovelies remember to chat to me, I ADORE hearing from you all.


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