Chillax Mamma

Oh, the journey that we go on as a homeschooling Momma…


We have been home educating our babies now for about 6 weeks and every day just gets better and better.


No it is by no means an easy path, no I am not equipped, no I do not feel or think I am capable, no I do not have all the answers neither do I want all of them, no i am not perfect, or good, or amazing, or better than any other mother out there, no I am none of the above,  and I could name so much more that I am not.

I am none of these and I LOVE that, I love it so much because I know that God says that

“His grace is sufficient for me, and His Power is made Perfect in my weakness. Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weakness, so that Christs Power may rest on me.”

I know within the deepest recessed of my spirit that God called us to this journey, there is no doubt in my mind when it comes to that, I know that I did not just decide that I am going to home school because it was solely something I wanted to do for everyday reasons, but it was a burden in my spirit that went beyond this world and that is where my peace comes from, that is where my joy comes from that is where I draw strength and wisdom and power in the tough times that this path takes us on…

In the beginning I was trying to do “everything right”, I was trying to “BE THE TEACHER”, I was striving and striving to make sure they are learning and doing all they are “meant to do”, I started to look at man and focus on what I could do and it was just not comfortable at all. I was getting irritated, I was getting angry and frustrated and it was just hard yakka in those first few weeks. Yes, I still had a deep peace but I was trying to do things on my own strength with a lot of rules.

Then I remembered, hey Des who called you? Hey Des who will equip you? Hey Des where does your strength, wisdom and Joy come from?

Ahhhhhh how quickly we are side tracked… So i went back to the source Jesus Christ, I started spending daily time in the word and doing devotions that target my problem areas and as a result of leaning on my Jesus He led me to those who could help, He gave me peace and He started to give me opportunities to grow those fruits on my spiritual tree that desperately needed plumping up.

So as time wore on and I talked to those further along on the journey I gleaned some wisdom, I learnt that when I’m reading they don’t always have to sit perfectly still, I learnt that the feeling of angst and being out of control when they fidget, that feeling inside me actually deposited an atmosphere in the air that actually enhanced their difficult behaviour and that if I just Chillax Mamma we could all enjoy being who we are and still enjoy learning at the same time.

Yes we still do sit down time, yes we still use tables to work on sometimes, yes there are times of quiet play and times of concentration, but as time wears on I am really learning who my boys are, how they tick, how they work best, the ways in which they love to learn and how to facilitate learning in the way that they actually get it and in which we can all enjoy the experience…

I am most certain that what we are doing today will probably be different to what we are doing in a month, but we are developing our atmosphere, our rhythm and our story all through the leading, and wisdom and Power of the Holy Spirit.

He has led us to beautiful curriculums, He has led us to beautiful communities, He has led us to beautiful people and to a beautiful routine and most importantly every day He is leading us closer to Him.

So to all you Mommas out there who are stressing about how quickly your kids are learning to read, how neat their hand writing is or how many nouns, adverbs or pronouns your kiddies know, I would say try to Chillax Momma. There is so much time for that, and these precious years we have while they are young are so vital to show love, to lead by example and to know that when our heart is at rest and at peace and in a place of calm then in that place our children will feel safe and in that place learning will come naturally.

These precious years we have while they are young and pliable in spirit are so crucial. Let us show extreme love, let us pray hard to lead by example and to train beautiful essential character traits, Let us know that when our hearts are at rest, when our hearts are at peace and when our hearts are in a place of calm, then in that place will be where the garden of our children’s hearts will feel safe, and it is in that place where learning will come naturally.

Well, I am praying every day for this to become my norm, and in the meantime, I will continue to ask forgiveness when I don’t meet the mark and I will fall at the feet of Jesus daily for renewed strength, wisdom and peace.

In this life perfection will never be reached and so I am leaving those ways behind me, but as I push forward I am going to embrace peace, humility and love, and lean heavily on Jesus and His word to make me the Momma I am meant to be in this privileged position that I have been gifted.



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  1. Bernice says:

    Lovely post with beautiful photos. We’re home educating 3 boys and it’s always great to see what other people are up to.


    1. Hi there Bernice I’m so sorry it’s taken this long to reply… Given it was our first year of Home education last year it was certainly very full in and now that we are in year two it feels so much better, how long have you been Home educating for?


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