Summer Play Idea

I am always thoroughly inspired by amazing moms on Instagram who share incredible ideas of how to engage children in play that nourishes their souls.

This ice egg smash activity was one that I picked up from a gorgeous lady, her Instagram handle is @wildmountainchild.

The fact that my oldest son loves smashing things with a hammer, and that we are coming into warmer weather, the pairing of ice and an egg shell to smash couldn’t have been more perfect!

It is ever so easy to prepare. Every time you use eggs just chop the top off only, rinse and keep the shells, once you have a few fill them with water and anything else you want, we used some flowers, apple peel and orange peel for scent. Once you’ve stuffed them then freeze them.

Then give them to the kids and watch them have a blast!

Have you ever made these for your kids?

Will you after seeing these?

If you do and you are on Instagram tag me @atwinkleintheireyes because Id love you see the amazing creations you come up with.

God bless

I hope this gives you an idea for those “Im bored mom” moments.


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