Learning letters made easy!

If you are searching for a way to teach your child letters and phonics in a beautiful, relatable and super fun way then you have stopped in on the right blog post.

A friend introduced me to Letterland and I was taken in instantly.

Ever since I bought the books the Letterlanders have been a huge part of our homeschool learning experience and they truly enhance it in more ways than one.

Here is an example of how gorgeous this way of learning letters is, take a look at the letter I.

Isn’t it incredible how they have taken the letter I and brought it to life?

Here is a little look at the letter E.

They even have ways of explaining the sounds that two letters make together in a very clear cut and interesting way that really gets it across clearly to children, look at how they explain “ng”.

Don’t you think it’s ingenious?!?

I incorporate a lot of their gorgeous resources in our letter of the week station, they just enhance Jesse’s experience of the letter we are concentrating on for the week exponentially. Here is a look at how we incorporate them.

I’ve added the felt tracing cards (he adores me reading the little snippet about the letter on the card) as he traces it with his finger.

We use the little reader for that particular letter, how wonderful to have a book that speaks the letter into life.

We use the word cards so he can see how words are spelt with the letter we are concentrating on, and he uses the cute magnets to make the word displayed on the word cards, and then he practices writing the word on the whiteboard too.

He even has a fav letter now! R because well letter R in letterland is a cool Robot!

Your kids will fall in love with letters through these super cute stories and images. It conjures up such a character for them, and the letters are no longer just black images on a page, but they become real life characters that live in your child’s imagination forever…

God Bless you I hope this resource blesses you and your beautiful children!


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