Five in a Row (Ping)

WOW i am LOVING Five in a Row! Ah it makes for such an interesting way to learn all sorts of amazing things that i may have never have thought to teach the boys.

For one,  you know how everyone just has those certain places in the world that they have no desire to go to or even learn about, i am sure we all have those don’t we? Well China was on that list for me, just no desire to learn about it or go, no offence at all i could say the same about quite a few places around the world, and its not that they are not amazing and unique and love worthy, no quite the contrary I’m certain, its just you know a thing…

Anyway the Story about Ping has taught us so many interesting things about China now, and its a  beautiful experience doing Five in a Row because even though Jordan was really sick today we could still do some really cool learning because he loves books, and loves watching interesting you tubes and loves to learn new things about new places so i chose to teach the geography aspect of five in a row today. Its just marvelous that you can choose what you want to learn/teach each day be it, social studies, maths, geography, science etc all from the same book that we will read five days in a row!

Here are some pics from our day today, we printed off some AMAZING worksheets from, check out my Pinterest account and i have put together a board for The story of Ping and that is where i got all these amazing FREE resources!

From Left to right: The book we are rowing, Our Lap Book items, Jordan then doing the sequence of the story as he remembers it with my help, Jordan drawing the Yangtze river on the map of China,  Colouring China in red, Practicing his numbers on-top of Pink (there was an Alphabet one we did on-top of Ping too) and last but not least we did Banana Sushi encrusted with yoghurt/ peanut butter (because one boy likes one and one the other) and then dipped in chocolate cereal and topped with a frugo cut in half for the boys to try their real live chop sticks on, as you can see Jesse thinks chopsticks are better used as stab sticks (the sushi was not a hit for their tastebuds hahaha so i made it into a smoothie instead!). This style of learning made for a super fun day for a sick little boy…




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    1. Hi Omar worked perfectly!


  1. Thanks for sharing this – we’ve been considering 5 in a row, and haven’t taken the plunge yet.


    1. Hello there thanks so much for commenting, I for one do love the program there is so much to be explored in it and I reckon I could do it all year through with the first set of books and learn lots and lots! How long have you been home schooling in in my 4th week and still finding my feet ๐Ÿ˜€


      1. We’ve been “officially” homeschooling for a little over a year now – kiddo is almost 6 but rather advanced. It’s been a fun year! Not sure my icon link is working now that I’ve shifted hosting, but I blog about our crazy life over at . So glad you guys are having a great time homeschooling – it’s truly a lot of fun ๐Ÿ™‚


      2. cool that is awesome thanks so much for stopping by ๐Ÿ™‚

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